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Personalized Assessment (60 marks)

Personalized Assessment (60 marks)


Assessments, Tests & Examination Papers are set up to your specific needs.


Send me your grade, theme, demarcation and mark allocation, and I will set up a standardized assessment. Hassle-free assessment at your fingertips!


Assessments, Tests & Examination Papers are sent in Microsoft Word and PDF. Google Sheets upon request.  


Remember to forward your school's header and footer so the product can be personalized to your school's layout preferences.

No returns, exchanges or cancellations. Refunds cannot be provided due to the nature of the product.

If you have a problem with a digital file, please do not hesitate to contact me.


The document may not be altered, reproduced, distributed, shared for free or used commercially (reselling, reproducing, distributing in whole or in part, original or modified is strictly prohibited).


All rights reserved.

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